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Lemme tell you about the badassery of the Women’s March to Versailles

France was in debt and even though it had no money Louis XVI was shelling out mad cash to help the American Revolution in order to fulfill some petty revenge to smite England. France had no money but was spending it anyway but instead of using money they didn’t have to help the poor the King used it to do stupid stuff. 

Flour was like all anyone could eat

The average french person ate 2 pounds of bread per day

So when the price of flour went up, everyone was fucked. 

The Enlightenment was sweeping France at this point. But ideas are pointless without action. 

In protest of the King’s irresponsible spending and to protest their starving families, the fisherwomen of Paris took to the streets with pitchforks and fishing spears. 

These women were buff  from skinning fish and using spear hooks, strong as all hell and most importantly they were ANGRY. 

On October 5th 1789 this hoard of fisherwomen walked 35 miles towards Paris. The military was following them. As they walked people joined them, they grew to a mob of thousands. 

These women broke into the palace KIDNAPPED THE KING OF FRANCE and dragged him back to Paris so he could see how his people were suffering.

Like wow, these ladies. 

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    i bet guys kidnapped the queen of england and made her see the muslim riots, you would freak out
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    The Jacobins were not friendly to women’s rights. Olympe de Gouges was an early feminist who answered “The Declaration...
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    Robespierre was basically the real Joffery.
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